Authors' Guide

1-Publication policy
1-1-Peer review policy:
Peer review procedure in Tarbiat Modares journals is mainly double-blind which the reviewer is unknown to the author and the author is unknown to the reviewer. Every article is reviewed by at least two reviewers. The peer-review process is done as fast as possible, and the final decision is usually made within 6 to 8 weeks after the submission of the article.
 First, the editors review the manuscripts and only the manuscripts which are according to the scope and main goals of the journal and boost the scientific and editorial standards of the journal are sent for reviewers.
2-1-Declaring the identity of the author (or authors)
The list of authors should include the all names who contributed significantly to the writing of the article. When deciding on the main author, order of authors and other publishing rights, the relative amount of scientific and professional influence of every author should be taken into consideration. In articles that have several authors and are extracted from a student's thesis or dissertation, the name of the student is usually mentioned as the main author.
2-Publishing ethics policy
1-2-Publications of Tarbiat Modares University
Tarbiat Modares University accepts all the terms and conditions of the Publication Ethics Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE). Authors can refer to the standards of this committee to get complete information.
Plagiarism or other forms of violation of publishing obligations are taken very seriously in Tarbiat Modares University Publications. Authors' rights are defended and claims of academic-literary plagiarism or misuse of articles published in journals are examined. The presented articles are checked using plagiarism software. If it is found that an article has plagiarized other works or contains copyrighted material of a third party, without having permission or sufficient information, and in cases where the authorship of the article is contested, publications of Tarbiat Modares University has the right to take the necessary measures, which can include, but not limited to the following: printing + modification, removing the article from the journal, informing the issue to the head of the department or the head of the institution + the author and/or officials and associated academic department. Relevant academic fees, banning the author from publishing in the journal and appropriate legal actions.
2-2-Research ethics
Authors who are studying on humans should mention two topics in material and methods section: a) patient's consent b) Authors specify whether the methodology used in the research has been evaluated by an associated assessment committee or not. In case, where no official committee is available, research should be conducted in accordance with the 2013 version of the Declaration of Helsinki. When animals are used in research, all animals must receive human care in accordance with the guidelines set in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, prepared by the National Academy of Sciences and published by the National Institutes of Health. (NIH Publications, pages 86-23, 1985 edition)
3-Paper submission
Before submitting your paper, make sure that read and follow the instructions below carefully. Articles that are not in accordance with these guidelines will be returned. Magazines of Tarbiat Modares University have no word limit. Initial requests may be sent to the author on appropriate topics. All articles must have a title page with the full title of the article. For double-blind refereeing, the author's full name, organizational affiliation and current address/telephone number/fax/email along with a brief biography should be provided on a separate page. manuscripts that meet all the criteria mentioned in the article submission instructions will be sent to the editor.
4-Copyright of the publication
Tarbiat Modares University guarantees the copyright of the work for the author, and at the same time, the author gives exclusive rights to print the article to Tarbiat Modares University. However, there are exceptional cases where it is necessary or suggested that the copyright be owned by an owner other than Tarbiat Modares University. Issues related to copyright infringement, academic-literary plagiarism or any other violation in publication are taken very seriously at Tarbiat Modares University. The university considers itself obliged to defend the rights of authors and always investigate any report on plagiarism or misuse of articles published in the journal. In the same way, we consider ourselves obliged to keep the magazine safe from any abuse. Plagiarism software is used to check the sent articles. If it turns out that an article is an example of academic-literary plagiarism, or if copyrighted material is used in the article without prior permission or in an inappropriate way, or if there is a dispute over the rights of the author of the article, the right to take necessary measures for us is reserved. Amendments may be printed for the article, the article may be removed from the journal, the issue may be raised with the relevant institution, department, or university complex, or any other legal action may be taken, such as banning the author from publishing other articles in this journal, or all journals belonging to Tarbiat Modares University. It is essential that the authors declare no conflict of interests.
5-Declaration of conflict of interest
These explanations should be placed at the end of the article, after the acknowledgments and before the references. This section should have a title: "Declaration of conflict of interest". And you can explain it like this: The author(s) declare that there is no conflict of interest. Please note that when declaring no conflict of interest, the information is accurate and includes any financial relationship between the authors of the article and supporting institutions. Any financial or marketable collaborations that may indicate a conflict of interest should be listed in the commitment letter that you send with the article to help the editor decide whether the conflict-of-interest declaration section of your article is sufficient, or no.
Acknowledgments should be placed at the end of the article, before the conflict of interest declaration section (if any). Also, this section should be placed before notes and references. Acknowledgments section should include a complete list of names of people who helped write the article, but do not have the necessary conditions to be part of the authors of the article. For example, those who provided technical assistance, those who collaborated in writing the article, and officials who helped you simply with their general support. Authors should mention the identity of the person who helped them write or the person who paid for this research.
1-6-Acknowledgment of financial support
All authors are requested to report financial support regularly and under a separate heading. You must declare: "This research has not received any special funding from any investment institution in the public, commercial or non-profit sector." All research articles must declare financial support in the form of the following sentence. The name of the investor institution must be fully mentioned and the amount of financial support must come in brackets. "This work was done with the financial support of Tarbiat Modares University [grant number...]." If the article has several financial support numbers, they should be separated with a comma and a space. In researches that have been funded by different institutions, the names of the institutions should be mentioned in the acknowledgments section, separated by semicolons and the word "and" before the name of the last institution. for example: "This work has been financially supported by Tarbiat Modares University [grant number...], University of Tehran [grant number...] and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology [grant number...] " Place this information under a separate heading, right after other acknowledgments and before the declaration of no conflict of interest, notes, and references.
Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright owners to copy images, tables, etc.
8-Article format
1-8-Types of files
 The only accepted format for the text and tables of the article is Word, and the article is received in two columns.
2-8-Magazine style
 To see the guidelines of publications of Tarbiat Modares University click here
3-8-Referencing style
Publications of Tarbiat Modares University, depending on the journal, follow Harvard or Vancouver referencing style. Vancouver style instructions in the form of two pdf files is provided to the authors. Authors should make sure their article references match them.
4-8-Preparation of the article
 To see the format file for writing articles in this publication  click here.
1-4-8-Title, keywords and abstract
 The title, keywords and abstract help the reader to find your article more easily and make the text easier to read.
2-4-8-The contact details of the corresponding authors
All full contact details of the responsible author are required. For other authors, mention of academic affiliation is required. To facilitate anonymous peer review, this information should be provided separately from the article.
3-4-8-Instructions for sending pictures and other diagrams
1. The images should come in the word text file.
2. The numbered images should come in the same order as they are mentioned in the text.
3. For images with multiple parts, each part should be marked with alphabet letters (A, B, P, ...). 4. The description of the pictures should be in English first. At the beginning of the explanation, Fig. 1. Come with two dashes, one before the number and one after it.
4.The Persian description should come below with the word shape (in bold) and with the number of the image: Figure 1. A dot must come after the number. If the description is more than one line, the lines should be straight and regular.
5. To use images from other publications, permission must be obtained from them. Some publishers like Elsevier request a specific text.
6. Where a license is required, it should appear under the photo (Vancouver style) or under the author's name and date (Harvard style).
7. Photos and other scanned images must come with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
8. The only acceptable file format is Microsoft Office Word. If you plan to convert the Word file to other formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, Photoshop or T.I. F. F convert, match your final version exactly to the initial version.
9. The descriptions of the images come on a separate page after the sources. Images and descriptions should be understandable without reading the article.
2-3-4-8-Tables of contents
 If incomplete sentences are used, use bullet points to list the sentences. Start the list with quotation marks and end with a dot.
 Lists should be separated from the rest of the text by a comma.
All the numbers in the equations must come in parentheses and be aligned.
 1. The titles of the tables should be right-aligned in all cases (such as when they appear in two columns of the article).
2. Tables should be created with the "table" tool of Word software. Tables created with Excel or other software cannot be used.
 3. Number the tables in order and refer to them in the article as Table 1, Table 2...
4. The table word must be written in full.
5. Number the tables in the order they appear in the article.
6. Tables should have clear titles and explanatory footnotes (and be marked in alphabetical order.)
8. Do not repeat the details provided in the original text.
9. The dates in the tables should be numerically: 5/11/2015
10. The description of the table should be right above it.
4-4-8-Instructions for sending supplementary files
Publications of Tarbiat Modares University currently do not accept supplementary files.
9-After acceptance
1-9-The final version
The PDF file of the final version will be emailed to the responsible author.
2-9-Electronic version
The journals of Tarbiat Modares University are free and having access to the full text of their articles is free. Authors are not charged for refereeing and printing. Pdf files of articles will be available electronically after acceptance.
10-The content of the article
11-The main file of the article
The main file of the article should include the following parts:
1-11-The full title of the article
2-11-Names of authors, organizational affiliation of authors and email
The first page of the article begins with the abstract. The abstract should be clear enough for the reader to fully understand the main content of the article. Avoid referencing and quoting.
4-11- Keywords
Provide up to 5 keywords. Keywords should describe the exact content of the article because they are used to write the index.
The introduction of the research should be brief and not have subheadings. This section should provide the reader with the necessary information to understand the article.
 Objectives should describe the main purpose of the research.
7-11-Materials and methods
This section contains essential research information and processes so that other researchers can replicate them. If several different methods are used, subheadings should be used.
This section may include tables, lists, and images. Focus on the important points of the research results; But avoid repeating the information given in the pictures and tables. Up to 6 photos and tables can be used in this section.
The information in this section is different from the information in the results section.
This section should briefly explain the final result of the study.
11-11-Conflict of interest
Authors must declare any conflict of interest in the research in this section.
12-11-Contribution of authors
Contribution and help of all authors in the research process should be mentioned in this section.
Refer to section 6 of this guide.
All references must be verified by the author. Authors should make sure that the references mentioned in the text match the list of references at the end of the article. The referencing style, depending on the journal, can be either Vancouver or Harvard. But style consistency must be maintained. The references come right after the thanks for the help and before the signs and abbreviations.
15-11-Signs and abbreviations
Symbols and abbreviations come after references and on a separate page. This section should be understandable without reading the article.